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Create & manage content with Directory

Directory is our brand new platform that encompasses a parent theme, various plugins and a wide selection of child themes. It is the most advanced theme we’ve ever created with literally hundreds of custom features. Read this page to learn more about the stuff you can create and manage with Directory.

Allow visitors to register and post content

Every CMS allows you to modify and publish content, but not many give visitors the same opportunity. Our listings directory theme enables you to do just that; create submission pages visitors can use to post content on the site. Submitted content can be moderated from the back-end. But before they do this they’ll have to register. With Directory, you can edit register fields in order to capture unique information from visitors.

Go one step further and define a new post type. For instance, create a post type called “Properties” and showcase nearby houses and apartments for sale. Submission pages can be generated for every post type you create.

Custom fields – the glue that binds everything

All submission pages within the listings directory theme (you can create as many as you need) are constructed using custom fields. A bunch of these fields come pre installed when you activate Directory, but new ones can be added as well. There are 13 different field types for you to choose from, including radio and checkbox buttons, text fields, date pickers and more.
Along with facilitating submissions, custom fields also play a role in monetizing the site. This is achieved by connecting custom fields to price packages?. Read more about money-making features on the monetization page.

More management features

    • Bulk upload

Already running a directory with lots of content? You can use the bulk upload option within Directory to transfer it. Bulk exporting and updating also available.

    • Multi-option ratings?

Along with leaving reviews on your site, visitors will also have an ability to rate. Use the back-end to define different rating categories. Display the average on site.

    • Claim posts

Claim post functionality will allow you to populate the site with content and then let the actual owners claim the listings. Enable it for all your post types.

    • Plethora of shortcodes

Shortcodes in Directory can be divided in two categories: design and app. Use design shortcodes to make text more appealing. Use app shortcodes to generate forms, maps and more .

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